Family sues Chicago Public Schools after 9-year-old boy left outside in the cold

Surveillance video shows a 9-year-old boy being pushed toward the doors of his school. (Photo via NBC News)

CHICAGO (WTHR) — A Chicago family has filed a lawsuit after they say their 9-year-old son was dragged through a hallways and pushed outside into the cold, dangerous Chicago streets.

Surveillance footage shows a person, who the lawsuit identifies as a security guard, pushing the boy toward a door, then watching him leave the building.

The incident happened on a cold day in March. The boy was not wearing a coat.

His family said the school told them the boy ran out of the school after he was being violent.

"They said he was biting, scratching and kicking other kids — that didn't happen," attorney Dan Herbert told NBC Chicago. "He was thrown out into the cold with a polo shirt on for 30 minutes."

Attorneys said police found the boy outside "terrified and crying." When asked, police could not immediately find record of the incident.

The boy's family claims he was treated poorly after continuous complaints about being bullied. According to the lawsuit, the boy had been the victim of bullying for months after he transferred from an Indiana school where he had no issues and made good grades.

The family said when they reported the bullying to the school, school officials were "annoyed with the 9-year-old for not 'fitting in better.'"

Family attorneys said the school liked about the boy being violent, saying, "The worst thing about this case is the cover-up."

The boy has since gone to a new school and family says he's doing better.

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