Family seeking answers after fatal shots fired into 15-year-old's bedroom

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Mikey Walters II had big dreams of becoming a rap legend.

"He was very good. He was going to go somewhere," said Monica Monday, Mikey's aunt.

The path to somewhere came to a violent halt Tuesday night when police say someone shot through the window of a S. Talbot Street home.

Mikey's family says he was hit. His parents were upstairs, where his little brother was asleep.

His younger sister was in another part of the house. Mikey, 15, was in his bedroom with a friend.

"That's where they shot through, was in his room. They were trying to hit Mikey," said Monday. "His dad ran downstairs and found him."

Mikey was brought to Eskenazi Hospital where he later died. On Friday morning, his family donated his organs to eight different people.

"Eight lives were saved in honor of our hero, Michael Walters II," said Monday.

Now, Mikey's family wants to know who's responsible for his death.

"We want nothing but justice for Mikey and we don't want any other families to suffer the way we have suffered, but we do want justice for him," said Monday. "There's nothing that prepares you to lose a 15 year old child. That's not how it's supposed to be."

Supporters opened a fundraising account for the family.

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