Family scammed out of $1,000 trying to buy dog online

An alleged dog seller had pictures and videos, but wasn't about to send a dog.
Family Loses Money in Dog Scam
Dog scam warning

FORTVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - Shawna Brown works hard for her money and certainly does not have $1,000 to throw away. But this week, she fell victim to an online scammer.

“I was mad, yeah, I was pretty angry,” said Brown.

A rough stretch of days for her family started over the weekend.

“Actually, my daughter's dog got hit by a truck on Sunday, so I decided I needed to get another one before I came home,” said Brown.

She turned to Facebook and what seemed like a legit group selling corgis. Once she saw the pictures, it was love at first sight.

The owner, supposedly out of California, even had videos sent over.

“We negotiated the price and shipping and sent her the money through Cash App, which is through Square, so it seemed pretty secure,” said Brown.

She paid a grand for the 11-week-old puppy, but it wasn’t until she started getting more emails that Brown knew she was had.

“They said I needed to have a thermal crate due to traveling conditions with the weather and then she needed all these vaccinations and it was $950,” said Brown.

She refused to pay any more money, but was already out the $1,000 she paid using Cash App. She just wants to keep someone else from being in the same position.

“Don’t buy a dog unless you have it in your hand and you can see it,” said Brown.

She did report the incident to police in California, but is doubtful she will ever get her money back.

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