Family pleads for answers one year after 13-year-old's murder

Harry Taliefer (Family photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - It's been one year since a young boy, who was trying to stop a fight, became the accidental target of deadly gunfire.

Although Metro Police are still investigating, the 13-year-old's murderer is still out there, walking free.

The age is what should really shock you, family members say.

Harry Taliefer was just 13 and the victim of an unsolved murder.

"It's been a year's still fresh," Harry's grandfather Anthony Williams said. "He's not here! And we're missing him."

Harry was a middle school football player who loved to sing, loved his family and prided himself as a peacemaker.

"He's always trying to stop everybody from having a conflict with each other," said Harry's grandmother Rebecca Stafford. "He really was a peacemaker."

That's what he was doing last July in a neighborhood near 21st and Arlington. Dozens of people were arguing in the street. Harry tried to keep them calm.

"He put himself in the middle of all that madness, yes," Stafford said.

But someone pulled a gun and a stray bullet ended the 13-year-old's life before he even made it to high school.

"I don't think he deserved to die just because he was trying to make peace with them," Williams said.

This family's pain is only equaled by their frustration that Harry's killer hasn't been caught.

"Someone knows what happened. And someone knows who pulled that trigger on my grandson," Williams said.

That's why they went to the spot where he died Monday, wearing t-shirts with Harry's nickname, "Man Man."

"We just want Man Man to know we truly miss him," a family member said. "It's been a year."

They're releasing balloons to remember a young protector and asking for help to find the person who murdered a child.

"We're just sending him some love today," they said, releasing balloons. "We love you Man Man!"

Last year, the family had filed a lawsuit against IMPD, saying right before Harry's death, police didn't file a missing persons report when the teenager ran away. But the family tells Eyewitness News they've put a pause on that lawsuit to work with police and really focus on finding Harry's killer.