Family of woman killed along Brownsburg road seeks answers

Nikki Lanpher

A Brownsburg family is searching for answers weeks after their daughter was killed in a hit and run accident.

Family and friends found Dawn "Nikki" Lanpher's body in a ditch in the 2700 block of North Raceway Road.

Nikki's family left a memorial where she was found on Raceway Road. They hope people who drive the stretch of road at night on a regular basis can think of something that will help police solve the mystery of Nikki's death.

"We know she is in heaven, but she is so missed here," said Lanpher's mother, Rose Gagen.

Gagen can barely get through a conversation about her daughter without tears. She shared family photos of Nikki with two of her brothers and one of her two daughters.

She has yet to explain to the girls the devastating phone call she got about their mother's body, found July 25.

"We at that point received a call that they had found her. We were not really sure that it was her," Gagen said.

The autopsy performed in Hendricks County revealed more details how Nikki ended up in the brush, 20 feet off the road.

What's even more disheartening is her death may have been a complete accident. Either way, the car that knocked her off the road may have front end damage.

Investigators believe the driver that struck Lanpher may not even realize he or she struck the woman. Her family hopes someone comes forward, if for nothing else, her two children.

"Her two-year-old daughter is never going to know her mom. Her five-year-old daughter is going to have little memories," Gagen said.

Until police get clues from the public, they won't be able to help Nikki's grieving family with closure.

"Please, please come forward. We need to know what happened," Gagen said.

Lanpher's family hopes even if the driver who hit her is just now realizing what happened, that driver will come forward.