Family mourns son, standout Southport high school athlete

This undated file photo shows Southport High School varsity football player Rashawn Haskins. (photo courtesy David Dixon)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – Counselors were on hand for students at Southport High School Monday, after a classmate and standout athlete died in a car crash.

Rashawn Haskin's father says his son planned to make college visits this week.

Instead, his family on the field and off are dealing with a devastating loss.

As Rashawn Haskins made big plays on the football field, support on the sidelines was constant from one man.

His dad.

Lonnie Haskins has been to every game since the first, when his son was just five years old.

"I still remember that day," Haskins said. "He scored four touchdowns, threw for 80 yards, rushed for like 112 yards his first game. He made me so proud."

Haskins had to pause to take a breath and wipe his eyes.

"I just gotta live now day-to-day just living off of his memories," he said.

The Haskins family of nine grew suddenly smaller on Saturday.

18-year-old Rashawn, their star athlete, their middle child of seven, was killed in a car crash in Greenwood.

Haskins was with his girlfriend and sister at the time.

They were headed back from the Southport High School basketball game, when at Main Street and U.S. 31, less than a mile from home, police say their sedan turned in front of a Jeep that had the green light.

Lonnie Haskins says his daughter Briana broke her femur and underwent surgery on Sunday.

Rashawn's girlfriend, who police say was driving, broke her pelvis.

Haskins says she had surgery on Monday.

Rashawn, who investigators say wasn't buckled in, didn't make it.

This loss isn't just hurting the Haskins family but also Rashawn's football family at Southport.

Southport's head football coach, Brandon Winters, says they've lost an inspirational talent.

"It's been a difficult time for our players," he said. "It was fun to watch Rashawn play football because he loved it so much. Shawn found something that he loved and went all in on it. And he had a good time doing it. And so whatever that is for you, find something that you love and go all in. It'll make you a happier person."

That's something Rashawn learned from his first teammate.

His dad.

"We would sometimes go out and play during the week, just father and son time, family competitive time, just have some fun.," Haskins said, "those were the days."

Lately, it hasn't been easy for this family.

Lonnie Haskins says he had to go on medical leave from work in September because of a slipped disc and a spinal injury.

Finances then forced the family to move into a hotel room, where they're still living now.

Then this.

Their middle son, killed in a crash, just as he was planning for college and preparing for the next chapter of his athletic life.

"I live in his memories now," Haskins said. "He was bright, smart, intelligent and so talented. He just had it in him since birth. His legacy maybe will live on."

Friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help the family cover funeral expenses.

If you'd like to contribute, you can find the information here.

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