Family mourns Pike student's death

Linsey Davis/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Chiffonda Ducking is dealing with her grief as she comes to terms with the loss of her son. Carl Battles, 14, died in a car crash last week. On Friday, the prosecutor's office said it would not file charges in the crash.

As friends and family mourn his death, new speed limit signs demand that drivers slow down.

Number 88 may long be remembered by Pike High School football fans for his speed. Since Carl's death, the speed along 71st Street right outside Pike High School is no longer the same. The freshman was riding in the back seat of a car driven by his sister when police say two drivers' attempts to beat a yellow light had deadly consequences.

"I mentioned the speed signs and how I wanted children and parents to make sure that happened," said Ducking. "I don't know who did what or how it happened but I'm glad the signs went up and whoever did it I just want to say thank you."

Pike High School made sure the speed limit signs were changed to reflect a reduced school zone speed. That was a relatively easy fix. But the principal's visit to Chiffonda Ducking was not an easy task.

The comfort of cards and flowers is what Carl's family says helps keep them strong. But the biggest comfort of all: "All of my three children were in the same car and God left me two," Ducking said.

"I'm real lucky I came out alive because when I saw the news and I saw the car, it shocked me that any of us got out of the car alive," said Mark Battle's Carl's brother.

Carl was supposed to turn 15 this week, but instead of a birthday celebration, his mother was picking out a plot at the cemetery for her baby boy.

"If he realized other people were sad he'd try to lighten the scene by cracking a joke or making a funny face or something to try to lighten the mood and he just smiled all the time," said Ducking.