Family mourning loss of 13-year-old shot and killed

Vigil for 13 year old shooting victim
13 year old fatally shot
13-year-old dead after overnight fight
13 year old killed 5pm
Teen dead after east side fight

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — A 13-year-old boy was killed in a disturbance on the east side of Indianapolis late Thursday.

Police say the disturbance involved a large group of youth on Barnor Drive, near East 21st Street and North Arlington Avenue, just before 11 p.m.

Friday’s daylight actually shed some more light on what happened at the crime scene. Metro officers who returned to the scene found more evidence. Marked police cars were used to block the street where a few shell casings were found on blacktop and grass.

The victim's mother is speaking out and calling for justice, wanting those responsible held accountable.

“I am never ever going to get my child back,” said Shawnta Winston.

Someone opened fire late Thursday, hitting 13-year-old Harry Taliefer. He attended Decatur Middle School.

It happened during a neighborhood disturbance involving dozens of kids. Harry, who his mother called a peacemaker, reportedly tried to clear angry kids when his mother suspects an adult pulled a gun.

Winston told Eyewitness News she never imagined losing her teenage son to gun violence.

“The altercation started among children and adults got involved and that's how my child lost his life," said Winston. “We spoke to homicide detectives and my children, they know who pulled the trigger”.

Lakreisha Heard told us that children were playing loud music from a boom box when the disturbance began. She asked that the music be turned down until the apparent conflict had been handled among the crowd of kids. That’s when gunfire forced her to take cover in the street.

As people in the crowd dropped to the ground and scattered, she noticed one of the teens who went down "in a fainting manner."

She realized that Harry had been hit by gunfire and said she decided to do everything she could to save his life.

“I applied pressure to the wound or whatever,” said Heard. “He still had a pulse and he was breathing when the ambulance came and picked him up,"

Now as Harry's mother grieves, she wants justice and better examples among grown-ups.

“They need to start making more peace between these children instead of acting like children themselves," Winston said.

Winston and police both hope the message about stopping the violence gets through.

A GoFundMe account has been established.

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