Family identifies man fatally shot by IMPD officer

Wife of man shot by IMPD officer wants officer "held accountable" (Sunrise 6am)
Wife of man shot by IMPD officer wants officer "held accountable" (Sunrise)
Family identifies man fatally shot by IMPD officer (Wednesday 5PM report)
Suspect Kevin Hicks' background (Wednesday 5PM report)
IMPD officer shoots, kills man
IMPD officer fatally shoots unarmed man after altercation (Sunrise 6am)
IMPD officer fatally shoots unarmed man after altercation

A Metro police officer fatally shot an unarmed man around 9 p.m. Tuesday after an altercation at an east Indianapolis gas station near East 10th Street and North Rural Street.

Indianapolis Metro Police say they're reviewing security video, which shows the moments before the officer shot and killed Kevin Hicks.

Family confirmed Hicks' identity Wednesday. Eyewitness News has determined that Hicks was released from Duvall Residential Center (community corrections) on a day pass to search for a job. When he failed to return by 3:00 pm, police got a warrant to bring him in.

911 call

A woman called 911, telling dispatchers she was in the car with her husband, who was repeatedly hitting her. A toddler was reportedly in the car with the couple.

"She was going through a situation where she was absolutely terrified," said IMPD Dep. Chief Valerie Cunningham. 

A six-year veteran IMPD officer responded to the scene, where the car had pulled into the Marathon gas station at 10th and Rural. Police say as the officer investigated the incident, he became involved in a physical struggle with the suspect, later identified as Hicks. During the altercation, the officer fired a shot.

"We do not believe the man was armed. We do believe our officer was the one who fired the shot," Cunningham said.

Surveillance video

Deputy Chief Valerie Cunningham says video from a security camera shows Hicks' wife drive into the gas station and flag down an officer, saying she was being assaulted by her husband. When confronted, Cunningham says the video shows Hicks putting up a fight.

"I have viewed the video. You can clearly see arms flaying and punches being thrown by Mr Hicks. At that point you can see the officer disengage, which is what they are trained to do."

But off-camera, Chief Cunningham says witnesses tell them Hicks and the officer wrestled to the ground, the officer suffered a bite to his hand and eventually used deadly force.

According to IMPD, the officer tried to use a stun gun on Hicks, but it was knocked from his hand and was never deployed. As the officer tried to back off, he and Hicks fell to the ground and out of the view of the surveillance camera. Witnesses said Hicks may have tried to get hold of the officer's gun. That's when the officer fired, striking Hicks.

The officer suffered a bite wound, contusions to his face, a possible concussion and possible broken hand. The officer was placed on administrative duty per department policy. 

Hicks was pronounced dead at the scene. The officer was taken to IU Health Methodist Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

"Any death is a tragedy, regardless of how that occurs," Cunningham said.
The woman who called 911 was also taken for treatment.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing by IMPD's Critical Incident Response Team. The officer involved in the shooting was not wearing a body camera.

"When Chief Riggs was appointed just over 90 days ago, he made a commitment of transparency and community involvement to the citizens of Indianapolis," Cunningham said. "As the investigation continues, we will engage the public and provide the details as they are released by investigators."

The Marion County Prosecutor's Office is involved in the investigation.

Relative speaks out

Hicks' family have questions about his death. A concerned family member, who did not wish to be identified, spoke to Eyewitness News.

"My sister called me about 12:30 and told me that Kevin is dead. I said, 'what?' She said, 'yes, Kevin is dead,'" he said.

"Why did he have to lose his life? Were there other remedies that could have been taken, you know, as far as him getting killed?" his relative wondered.

Hicks' three-year-old son witnessed the shooting. He was in the car with his parents when Tuesday night's problems all started.

"They have been having problems and trying to work it out and stuff like this here, and just knowing that he is gone now...and it hurts," said the relative.

Second deadly shooting involving IMPD officer

The incident is the second deadly shooting involving an IMPD officer in less than a week. 

The first happened over the weekend when two men held up the McDonald's at 38th and Lafayette Road. Police say Cameron Grover was killed after he raised his gun at an officer. The other suspect, Briscoe Jones, faces preliminary charges of robbery and felony murder.