Faith vigil encourages lawmakers to adopt gay, transgender rights


A faith vigil in downtown Indy Sunday night was held with the hope of encouraging lawmakers to expand Indiana's civil rights law to include gay and transgender people.

Freedom Indiana hosted the event at Roberts Park Methodist Church.

Faith leaders who support the change say updating the law won't infringe upon their right to religious liberty.

"A lot of times were hear about faith or God being used in justification for discrimination, but we want to make it clear that the God that we believe in is a God of love that has created all people, a God of justice who is calling us to act forward in the world, to make sure our civil rights, our protections are available for everyone," said Rev. Danyelle Ditmer, an elder in the United Methodist Church.

Freedom Indiana says passing the state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act highlighted the fact that it's legal in Indiana to fire someone or deny them housing for being gay or transgender.