Facebook reinstates "other" Mark Zuckerberg

Indianapolis Attorney Mark Zuckerberg

INDIANAPOLIS - Facebook has booted Mark Zuckerberg from it's site.

Indianapolis attorney Mark S. Zuckerberg has the same name as Facebook founder Mark S. Zuckerberg.

"People with famous names have a hard time," said Mark Zuckerberg, from his office in downtown Indianapolis.

He ought to know. Zuckerberg's got the same name as the founder of a little thing called Facebook.

"I'm the poor Mark Zuckerberg," he told Eyewitness News.

And he's been a frustrated Mark Zuckerberg this week, after the social networking site kicked him off the site.

"They said because I was operating under a fraudulent name," explained Zuckerberg.

The Facebook brush-off came even after Zuckerberg jumped through all kinds of documentation hoops last year, just to get an account in the first place.

"I was originally denied an account with Facebook two years ago because of my name, and I had to send them copies of my driver's license, birth certificate, and Indianapolis Bar Association license just to get them to believe that I exist and to allow me to set up my page," said Attorney Mark Zuckerberg.

The problem, though, the Mark Zuckerberg in Indianapolis is obviously not the only real Mark Zuckerberg. It doesn't matter. He gets hundreds of friend requests a day from people all over the world who don't know the difference.

"I had some lady email me from Cuba and she said that she met her long lost sister because of Facebook and she wanted to thank me for creating it and I thought that was really nice and then she said, 'Oh, by the way, can you send me some money so I can fly to come meet her?'," recalled Zuckerberg.

It hasn't been all bad though.

"I've gotten into a couple of restaurants that were full," he said. "If I ever meet him, I'll thank him for that."

And he said he'd thank the other Mark Zuckerberg for the free face time.

"Any publicity is good publicity," said the Indianapolis Mark Zuckerberg.

But unlike the Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, there's been no movie for the one from Indianapolis.

Not yet, anyway.

"We're waiting for the movie to come out. Mark Zuckerberg: The Bankruptcy Attorney," Zuckerberg said, laughing.

The local Mark Zuckerberg is an expert on consumer bankruptcy and home foreclosures. He has written several books on consumer legal topics.

"I hope it's all just a misunderstanding on their part. All of my friends are upset with me because they think I de-friended them-I've had to do a lot of explaining. The good news is, my in-box is not filled up with the hundreds of friend-requests I was getting on a daily basis from people thinking I was the other Mark Zuckerberg."

Zuckerberg received an e-mail from Facebook Wednesday, apologizing for the inconvenience and re-enabling his Facebook page.