Extreme heat can cause danger for your pets

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Protecting pets from heat
Dangerous heat

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — While the heat may seem bad to you, imagine how your furry, four-legged companion feels.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services has put their popular Freedom for a Day program on hold. The program is designed to allow dogs and cats who've spent more than 30 days in the shelter to get out for a day.

Take precautions when exposing your pets to the dangerous temperatures. IACS has canceled playgroups during the Extreme Heat Warning. (WTHR Staff)

“While we love seeing our long termers out of their kennels for the day, when the temperatures rise to the levels that are forecasted, a dog’s chance of suffering from a heat stroke increases,” said Laura Keith-Williams, IACS Kennel Manager. “We want to make sure we’re being responsible and not putting the dog in any danger.”

During the Extreme Heat Warning, IACS has also limited the amount of time the shelter dogs spend outside in the play yards, canceled playgroups, and have shortened walks.

Animal control officers have also taken initiative by enforcing a new city ordinance, requiring dog owners to get their pets inside once the temperatures reach 90 degrees.

Fines can cost $150 or more after the violation and court costs.

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