Extraordinary college freshmen: Hoosier students who are thinking outside the box

Erica Shepherd (WTHR)
Extraordinary freshmen: Erica Shepherd
Erica Shepherd's golf coach
Extraordinary freshmen: Joey Cerone

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Thousands of students all over Indiana are making the big jump from high school senior to college freshman in the coming days. Our future doctors, lawyers, accountants and other business people will emerge four years from now. But what about the students who are heading into college thinking outside-the-box when it comes to their careers?

Erica Shepherd is the fiercest amateur golfer in the entire country. While she was attending Center Grove High School, she was the No. 1 young female golfer in America. Now she's got a full athletic scholarship to Duke University, a college she's eagerly been waiting to attend since she was a kid.

Duke's not the end of Erica's journey, though. She's got the LPGA Tour in her sights.

But first things first: she's got to get used to doing her own laundry.

Carlos Diaz sat down with Joey, Erica and her personal golf coach, who believes Erica could win a golf major one day.

Joey Cerone is a Fishers High School grad who's heading to IU to become a stand-up comedian. This is no joke. Joey believes comedy is his calling, and he's eager to go all the way to the top.

He'll be on his way once he can find a comedy club that will let an 18 year-old perform on stage.