EXCLUSIVE WTHR/HPI Poll: Trump up double digits over Clinton in Indiana


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Republican Donald Trump has an 11-point lead over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the latest poll out of Indiana.

According to the WTHR/HPI Indiana Poll, Trump has a 48% to 37% lead with just 6% of the vote undecided. Libertarian Gary Johnson has 9% of the Hoosier vote.

Trump grew his support by 5-points since the previous poll in early October and is roughly where he was in the first WTHR/HPI poll before the Indiana primary.

Clinton has a slight, 2-point lead with early voters and continues to outperform Trump with women and minorities.

Trump grew his lead with men and regained support with GOP voters.

Trump experienced a rise in his favorability score since the first WTHR/HPI Indiana Poll in April. He improved his favorability score by 22-points but still has a negative rating. Clinton also saw a favorability increase over the last six months, but her increase was a more modest 3-points.

Trump has a positive net-favorability score with men without a college degree but has a negative score for men with a college degree as well as women both with and without a degree. Clinton has a positive ranking with minority voters while Trump has a positive score with white Hoosiers.

The WTHR/HPI Poll asked respondents if anything in the news from the previous week caused them to reconsider their presidential vote or if they were just as certain as they were a month early.

Only 9% said they were reconsidering their earlier decision for President.

Voters who lean republican and independents were the most likely to be second-guessing their choices by 21% and 18% respectively.

WTHR commissioned the poll with Howey Politics Indiana. The Public Opinion Strategies poll surveyed 600 likely voters via landline and cell phone in Indiana from November 1-3. It has a four-point margin of error.