EXCLUSIVE WTHR/HPI Poll: Pence grows more polarizing

Gov. Mike Pence held rallies in Iowa, Ohio and Pennsylvania the week of Aug. 8
Exclusive WTHR-HPI poll results - Pence impact and more
WTHR-HPI poll results - presidential and Senate races

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Governor Mike Pence has become more popular with Republicans and more disliked by Democrats since he became Donald Trump's running mate.

The WTHR/HPI Indiana Poll reports the Republican governor has seen his overall favorability score relatively unchanged since a similar poll in April. Pence now has a 47% favorable rating with a 45% unfavorable rating for a net of 2%. The April poll had him with a net favorability score of 3% with a favorable of 44% to an unfavorable of 41%.

The biggest changes in the demographic breakdown is along party lines. Pence's net favorability score has increased 16-points with Republicans but decreased 19-points with Democrats. Pence has seen increases with independents and voters from 35 - 64 years old. He has seen decreases with minorities and the youngest voters 18-34 years old.

Gene Ulm from Public Opinion Strategies said even with the changes in favorability, Pence doesn't have much influence in Indiana as Trump's running mate.

Ulm said Pence is "not a factor" in the presidential race as far as Hoosiers are concerned.

The poll shows 41% of Indiana voters are more likely to vote for Trump since adding Pence as his running mate.

Meanwhile, 38% of Hoosiers say they are less likely to vote for the Trump/Pence ticket.

The pollster said 20% of voters report not being swayed by Trump's vice president pick at all.

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WTHR commissioned the poll with Howey Politics Indiana. The Public Opinion Strategies poll surveyed 600 likely voters in the state from September 6-8. It has a four-point margin of error.