Evansville restaurant voted 'manliest' for brain sandwich

Fried brain burger, anyone? Anyone?
Evansville - What does it take to win the title "manliest restaurant in America?" The owners of an Indiana restaurant apparently have the answer.

The Hilltop Inn has been an Evansville institution for 30 years, but owners Don and Lanette Snyder weren't expecting to get national attention. First it was the Final Four Manliest in the Midwest. Now they're proud to be called the Manliest in America.

"All the restaurants were from major cities so we were surprised we were able to keep up with them let alone win," said Snyder.

The Hilltop Inn beat out restaurants in cities like San Francisco and Boston for the manliest title, thanks to their famous brain sandwich. The owners hope all this notoriety will be good for business.

"The brain sandwiches have been flying out of here like they had wings on them," said Lanette Snyder.

They've already been getting calls asking about hours and directions. Lanette had to bring someone in to help her clean the brains, a task she usually does by herself.

This is not their first experience with publicity. After Alton Brown profiled them on "The Food Network" three years ago they had their busiest month in the ten years they've owned the place.

"I think there was about seven of them from Austria that had seen the program and they planned this into their trip. Whenever they come to the United States they come by here," said Don.

"People who have never heard of us I believe will come to Evansville, and hopefully they'll stay in one of our hotels, and spend the weekend. Go down to the boat, maybe go over to the track and spend some money here we all could use that kind of boost in the economy I think," said Lanette.

The food that is designed to put hair on your chest may also put money in some tri-state pockets.