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Netflix to ship final DVDs next month with bonus for subscribers

Not only will customers be able to keep their final shipments as long as they like, they can enter for the chance to receive 10 more discs.

INDIANAPOLIS — Netflix is shutting down its DVD mailing service in less than a month, with a parting gift to customers who have stayed until the end. 

The company announced in April it was shutting down the service that made Netflix a household name over nearly a quarter-century. The final discs will be shipped to customers on Sept. 29. 

The company also announced that subscribers will not be charged for any unreturned discs after that date and that customers should enjoy their final shipments for as long as they like.

Subscribers to the rental service can also sign up for a chance to get up to 10 extra mystery discs shipped to their home on the final day of service. Users don't need to take any action after Sept. 29, as their subscriptions will automatically be canceled. 

The closure won't impact subscribers to the Netflix streaming service.

Netflix has shipped more than 5 billion DVDs across the United States since it was founded in 1998. 

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