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A lesson in British etiquette

It's a long list of rules.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — There's a lot to learn when it comes to British etiquette, so Carlos Diaz went to the experts.

British IndyCar drivers Jordan King and Jack Harvey first gave WTHR's Carlos Diaz a lesson in British words so he'd know how to properly speak while on royal wedding assignment. Then, they gave a lesson in proper dining etiquette, so he'd know how to properly eat.

"True dining in the U.K. isn't meant to be rushed," said Harvey. "It's like an event itself."

A few rules to remember when dining:

  • If someone arrives after people are already seated, those seated should stand up.
  • If everyone arrives at the same time, wait for the host to ask you to sit down.
  • Cutlery starts from the outside, in.
  • When you're finished eating, put your silverware together and turn it sideways on the plate, so the waiter knows you're finished.
  • When eating soup, take your spoon away from the bowl and your mouth before eating it.
  • Fingers go on top of the knife and fork — don't scoop with your fork.

But etiquette is not strictly for dining. There are rules for just being polite in general.

  • Hold the door for everyone.
  • Men should hold the door until a woman has completely walked through it.
  • When walking with a woman, men should walk on the side closest to the street. ("So you get hit first," says King.)
  • Be careful which way you hold up two fingers. It could signify the number two or "peace," or it could be extremely offensive. Your palm should face outward.
  • Don't wear sunglasses or hats inside.

Really, this list could go on for days.

Milk goes in after the tea. Cream is for coffee. Milk is for tea. And don't you forget it.