Ella Whistler and her parents sue parents of Noblesville school shooter

Ella Whistler, 13, was shot in a classroom Friday, May 25, 2018, at Noblesville West Middle School. (photo courtesy Whistler family via AP)
Ella Whister's parents sue school shooter's parents
School shooter's family sued
Victim's family sues school shooter's parents

HAMILTON COUNTY (WTHR) — Ella Whistler and her parents have now filed a lawsuit against the parents of the Noblesville school shooter.

Ella Whistler was shot multiple times in May when the shooter opened fire in her classroom at Noblesville West Middle School.

The lawsuit claims her injuries included fractured vertebrae; a severed vertebral vein; collapsed lungs; broken jaw, clavicle and ribs; likely permanent nerve damage; scarring and numerous related injuries.

She still has multiple bullets lodged in her body, continues to suffer impairments and will "almost certainly never recover fully."

The lawsuit claims she will likely need future surgeries and continues to suffer emotional and physical trauma.

As for the parents of the shooter, the lawsuit claims they should have known their son had an obsession with firearms and violence and "took pleasure in violence in others and lacked empathy."

The lawsuit goes on to claim the parents should have prevented their son from having access to guns, ammunition and other weapons and monitored his internet use.

The family seeks damages in an amount that "will fairly compensate them for the losses and damages they have and will continue to sustain as a result of Defendants' negligence, and all other just and proper relief."

The shooter's parents have not yet filed a formal response to the civil suit. Eyewitness News reached out to an attorney for the shooter's family, who said they have no public comment on the lawsuit at this time.

As for the shooter, he was sentenced to stay in a juvenile detention facility until his 18th birthday or until the Department of Correction considers him rehabilitated. When he is released, he will immediately be placed on probation and the judge did not put an end date on that probation.

In addition to his stint in the Department of Correction, the judge issued a no-contact order against the shooter for both Jason Seaman and Ella Whistler.