eLearning 101: What to know about the at-home program

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eLearning Days - What to Know
eLearning Days could be coming to more schools

NEW PALESTINE, Ind. (WTHR) — Nowadays, technology takes over classrooms all across the country, and it follows kids home as a teaching tool too. It's called eLearning, and schools use eLearning Days so students don't skip a beat.

With 400 plus schools in Indiana, more than half use eLearning Days. Schools use eLearning Days for everything from inclement weather to professional development days for teachers.

"eLearning Days are really just a continuation of what we're already doing in the classroom," said New Palestine Intermediate School 5th grade teacher Corie McCaw. "We continue working on the same lessons. The same activities. The same things that they're familiar with, so we don't actually lose any time. We don't lose that day of learning at all."

The technology captivates students to learn in school and at home. All 3,700 students in Southern Hancock County Schools have a device to use in the classroom and take home. It's called one-to-one, which means one device for every student. It's a concept that's been around here for about 10 years now, and it's paved the way for eLearning. Meanwhile, Greenwood schools hope to roll out step one and have devices assigned to every student by the 2020-21 school year.

"eLearning days are something that I would say is always on our horizon," said Greenwood Community School Corporation Superintendent Dr. Kent DeKoninck. "I think most would agree that best learning occurs when the student is in a classroom with an adult with a teacher."

If an eLearning Day becomes stressful, teachers recommend taking a break! And if your child's device starts acting up, chances are your kid knows how to fix it. Let them figure it out! You can find more resources on eLearning Days by visiting the Indiana Department of Education's website.

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