East side volunteers clean-up for Warren Pride Day


It didn't feel anything like spring Saturday, but with wind chills in the teens, hundreds turned out for some spring cleaning.

Courtney Kesler carefully picking debris out of a muddy puddle along an east side interstate today, "I was picking up trash out of the sewer line there drain off line and it was quite disgusting."

She was among the volunteers doing her part for Warren Pride Cleanup Day.

Here next to the Shadeland Avenue exit off of I-70, these men and women braved the bone-chilling elements to pick up after others.

"It's been cold It's been gross It's been an eye opener. You don't realize how much trash people disregard just throw out their windows," Courtney told Eyewitness News. 

There were dozens of bags of trash lined up here, check this out, even an old wheelchair that was just abandoned on the side of the road.  Some 750 volunteers fanned out over Warren Township at 15 different locations doing community cleanup work.

The constant pattern of crime throughout the east side has residents and businesses trying to find ways to revive pride and business in their neighborhoods.

Saturday, the City of Indianapolis provided bus transportation to the cleanup sites in what they hoped would be the largest community cleanup effort in Marion County.

Kim Douglas was among the volunteers, "I think we've just started.  We've got about 20 trash bags down the street here and I don't think we've even touched what you see throughout the community."

Nearby businesses enlisted their workers to take part in the effort which they hope will provide some long term economic benefit.

Chris Rutledge, the vice president of sales at the nearby Indianapolis East Marriott Hotel told us about the different community groups responding to the call today.  "Business sector, non for profits, education all come together on how we can really brighten people's day," he said.

Organizers say they hope to take to the streets of the east side again in June with even more volunteers.