E-cigarette explodes in Hawaii man's mouth


PEARL CITY, Oahu (WTHR) — A man in Hawaii suffered some serious injuries when his e-cigarette exploded.

Matt Yamashita, 25, told HawaiiNewsNow that it happened on Sunday night. The explosion took out four of his teeth. Around 40 stitches are holding his mouth together.

"My right hand was burning, it was black," Yamashita said. "I just heard loud ringing in both my ears and I just saw a flash then I was spitting out blood and I was just in shock."

Yamashita said he switched to e-cigarettes 5 years ago.

"It was a mechanical mod which seems to be the most common device in any e-cig explosion that happens while someone is using it," e-cig expert Jason Artman told HawaiiNewsNow. "Basically it's just a battery tube with a button and it has no safety features at all. Regulated mods that have built in safety features are the better choice even though they cost a little more."

This isn't the first time this has happened.

Artman said he's compiled a list of over 200 e-cig explosions.

Yamashita may be the first to experience a blast to the face.

He will need surgery to have dental implants installed.