Off-duty officer credited for stopping Hobart Walmart gunman

(Photo: NBC Chicago)

HOBART, Ind. (WTHR) – An off-duty police officer has been credited for stepping into action and detaining the suspect in a shooting at a Northwest Indiana Walmart.

"It was frantic, people trying to get out every door they could, Walmart employees opened up a couple emergency exits, people hiding in the back," Bill Johnson said.

Johnson, who is a police officer, was off-duty when gunfire rang out inside a Hobart Walmart store.

Johnson says he heard the gunshot, made sure his wife and 2 kids were okay, and then rushed back into the store.

He describes what happened, once he confronted the shooter.

"He didn't fight or resist at all," said Johnson. "He curled out on the floor. He told me where his gun was. I took it secured it and Hobart showed up shortly after."

Johnson is a 6-year veteran officer. He credits good training for preparing him to handle the stressful situation.

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