Dry, Warm September Continues

Sean Ash

After a couple of days of highs in the lower 80s... temperatures rebounded quickly Monday afternoon with highs near 90 and heat indices in the 90s.

Monday is the muggiest air until Friday... as a east-northeast wind pushes in much lower dewpoints by Wednesday morning.

The drier air leads to big temperature swings from comfortable overnight lows and warm afternoon highs. We're expecting above average highs into this weekend.

We're also forecasting little to non-existent rain chances until a front approaches Sunday.

Between now and then the dry month continues and the latest drought monitor index puts some areas of Central Indiana in moderately dry conditions.

Rain deficits in Indy this month are nearing two inches below normal in what's been the driest September 1st-16th since 2005... and 7th driest on record during that time.

Dry soil aids in boosting temperatures in this type of pattern and it's conceivable we tack on a few more 90° days between now and early next week.

Rain chances are slim to none until Sunday when a cold front arrives. For now we're forecasting scattered showers and storm... but will fine-tune in the coming days. It does appear this front snaps the warmer than normal pattern.