Drivers concerned after spike in food delivery robberies

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Kevin Flecker, Jr. tried to deliver food to a unit at the Willow Tree East Apartments.

He works for More than just pizza at 21st and Mithoeffer on Indy's east side. Flecker delivers food all the time to Willow Tree Apartments East.

Kevin believes that's one of the reasons the suspects were able to catch him off guard.

"Its just food. It's just 20 dollars, it's ridiculous man," said Flecker. He is still shocked about what happened because no one from his company has been robbed in more than two years. Plus, drivers are usually carrying no more than $20 dollars at a time.

Despite what just happened to him, Kevin Flecker Jr. wants to keep his pizza delivery job even with how dangerous it's become.

Just before 9 p.m. Wednesday, he learned the telephone number and address for a deliver to an apartment building were both fake. He even went as far as trying to call the number thinking that there was a family wanting dinner and expected him to deliver it in a timely fashion.

"It said that the number does not receive incoming calls. So I made the mistake by walking into the apartment building basically I should have never left my car," said Flecker. "When I called my boss he told me to go ahead to my next delivery so I headed back to my car. So I turned around and said what's up? As soon as I said that I looked down and he had a real firearm, a real handgun."

Fortunately, he did not get hurt in the armed robbery. He cooperated with the suspects who eventually took off running.

Eyewitness News showed Kevin suspect photos from the food delivery robbery before his. Police need help identifying the men in surveillance video from a Beech Grove bowling alley. They reportedly pulled a gun on another delivery worker after also using a fake number to lure him to an apartment.

Flecker Jr. said, "It was three people that robbed me last night, only one with a gun that approached me. The other two were hiding behind him. Yes, would be surprised if it didn't correlate."

Robbery Detectives responsible for investigating these crimes already have their hands full.

There is a long list of recent food delivery robbery locations where workers have been lured by criminals. The robberies have happened all over the city and in many cases several times a month since.

After his own dangerous encounter, Kevin hopes someone recognizes the suspects in video from a Beech Grove bowling alley following a food delivery robbery.

Until then he's warning other delivery workers not to make the same mistake he made and ended up a victim.

"Any instance like that, if the situation seems fishy, be careful, stay in your car and get somewhere safe," said Flecker.

If you have any information that could help in any of the food delivery robbery cases you can call crime stoppers anonymously at 317-262-TIPS.

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