Driver under arrest after hitting east side building


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - The Indianapolis Fire Department Collapse Rescue Team were called to the corner of 10th and Bosart Avenue on the east side late Sunday morning after a van left the roadway and hit a building and a sign pole.

Shortly before the crash IMPD were notified that a van was traveling eastbound on 10th Street from Sherman Drive driving erratically. Officers were dispatched but before the could catch up with the van it had left the road and struck the corner of a furniture store and a McDonald's sign pole.

All five people in the vehicle fled on foot including the 35-year-old driver and six-year-old boy who he grabbed before running. Police were able to catch up with the man within minutes and take him into custody. The child was not harmed.

IMPD are investigating the driver for suspected operating while intoxicated and endangerment of a child.

The Collapse Rescue Team were able to stabilize the corner of the building that the van struck.

There were no injuries reported.