Driver: Lack of air conditioning in delivery truck nearly proved fatal

Photo: NBC News

SHREWSBURY, N.J. (WTHR) — With the majority of the country under a heat warning,some delivery drivers say they're struggling to do their jobs in brutal conditions.

One UPS driver says the trucks don't have air conditioning and it nearly cost him his life.

Jim Klenk said he had to be hospitalized in 2016 because of heat-related illness. It turns out his kidneys were failing.

He says on sweltering summer days, the cargo area in the truck can reach temperatures up to 150 degrees.

"That cargo area, where all the packages are kept, it's pretty much like opening up a big oven and walking into it," Klenk to NBC News.

UPS said it believes air conditioning would be ineffective in its trucks but encourages its drivers to drink water and rest, adding that they provide employees extensive health and safety training.

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