Driver accused in fatal Avon crash reportedly struck another car earlier Tuesday

Scene of crash in Avon. (Photo provided)

AVON, Ind. (WTHR) - The truck driver accused of causing a fatal crash in Avon may have been involved in other accidents just hours earlier.

"I just had this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that something just was not right," said Nancy Scholtens.

That's how Scholtens felt when she heard about a crash on US 36 and County Road 625 East in Avon Tuesday afternoon.

Police say Danny Lee Williams was behind the wheel of a dump truck when he hit several cars, including a minivan coming in the opposite direction.

A couple in their 80s in that minivan were killed.

According to court documents, Williams was laughing and smiling at times while talking to police after the crash and admitted to snorting heroin earlier in the day.

"It could have been me. I travel that intersection all the time," said Scholtens.

That's not the only reason she feels that way.

She took a picture of the same dump truck hours earlier after police say Williams rear-ended Scholtens sitting in traffic on US 36 and County Road 325 East.

"I look in my rear view mirror and I see this dump truck getting really really close and I gasp - just for a second - and then he hit me," Scholtens explained.

She pulled over, thinking the driver of the dump truck would, too. Instead, she said the driver kept on going.

"I realized at this point, he wasn't going to stop, so I pulled up next to him and took a picture of the side of his truck," said Scholtens.

A few hours later, witnesses say a dump truck was driving erratically for several miles and almost rear-ended a pick-up truck before it eventually crashed into several cars, including the couple in the minivan and an empty school bus.

Another person from that crash was seriously injured and brought to Eskenazi Hospital with spinal cord injuries and several broken broken bones.

"I'm just stunned and I feel so sorry for the family of the couple that passed," said Scholtens.

Williams is charged with two counts of reckless homicide and leaving the scene of the accident involving Scholtens. When they were reading him his rights, police say Williams didn't even remember being in an accident.

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