Dr. Phil diagnoses Kanye West's latest money troubles


Kanye West has made his financial problems very public.

But, Dr. Phil isn't buying it.

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When asked for his professional opinion, Dr. Phil said the rapper's bizarre tweets are for publicity, which is obviously working.

"Everybody thinks stuff sometimes," Dr. Phil said on The Late Late Show with James Corden. "You'll think something's really stupid, but we're in a society now, we're in a generation now, where everyone thinks you gotta have an audience for everything. Listen, I don't need to know that you just brushed your teeth, and I don't need a picture of it. I don't need a film of it. But we're so narcissistic now, everybody's like, doing selfies of themselves brushing their teeth. I don't care."

He went on to say "you used to be able to be stupid and get away with it," but not in today's society.

Corden must have thought he was going to get some understanding words of wisdom from the TV doctor.
But the only diagnosis from Dr. Phil was that he thinks Kanye is "stupid."