Dozens wait in line near 49th & Penn for visiting chef's 'really good' ramen

A Nashville chef's ramen dish was the objective of this long customer line at 49th St. and Pennsylvania Thursday. (Photo: (WTHR)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR)- It looked like a traffic jam at an intersection on the north side of Indianapolis during Thursday evening's commute.

Turns out it was just people waiting in line for dinner.

But not just any dinner.

They were there to try a tasty dish made by popular ramen chef Sarah Gavigan from Nashville, Tennessee.

She opened shop for the night in the old Cripsy Bird restaurant at the corner of 49th and Pennsylvania.

Dozens of people waited in line for hours to get their food. They told us it was worth the wait.

"This chef is from Nashville and came all the way to Indy," said diner Jill Halper. "We don't typically get a lot of good ramen or Asian food in general here, but this is going to be really, really good."

Gavigan also has a cookbook on ramen which many people brought Thursday, hoping to get it autographed.

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