Downsizing in style is a hot trend at Indianapolis Home Show


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Downsizing in style. It's a hot trend in housing.

We're talking about tiny homes.

There's even a "tiny home village" at this year's Indianapolis Home Show. It’s a lifestyle trend has really taken off. In fact, it may be the hottest trend at this year’s show.

It’s all about efficiency.

“Efficiency in the sense for me of what are the three, four or five things that make your life important to you and then building a space around that,” said Daniel Weddle of Bloomington’s Carpenter Owl.

“Queen size bed, to the east typically for the morning sun, tub is to the west for the setting sun and then all the windows face south so that I'm warm during the day,” Weddle said, describing one home.

The otherwise small-looking kitchen table can actually seat six.

“These come apart, these slide together, clip here in the center. Three chairs on this side and then, it's a little tight on the loveseat. I used to have just a bench seat over there, but I'm getting older, I want to be a little more comfortable, but if you want to have guests over, then you're set.”

We asked Weddle about the major benefits of a tiny home versus a traditional home.

"It's really cost. It gives a step between for my generation leaving college, often more indebted than previous college generations. Even for my company it's a large range because we do some really small, tight, three-season tow-behinds that you're looking at $10,000 or $12,000 and then we just rolled out one that was 85 or 90 that was very high-end, custom,” said Weddle.

Sitting in the middle of a tiny home village at the Indianapolis Home Show, if that doesn’t mean it’s mainstream, it’s real close.

The Indianapolis Home Show continues through January 28 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

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