Dogs rescued from Korean meat plant find new life in Indiana

Cannon, Nikon and Daisy - two Labradors and a golden retriever - seem to look especially happy and particularly grateful, and it's because they probably are.

"They'll be in a loving home instead of on somebody's dinner plate," said Kathy Martin of Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption in rural Rush County.

Just a few weeks ago, the dogs were caged, living on a dog meat farm in South Korea, eventually they would have been slaughtered for human consumption.

All of that changed over the weekend when they arrived at Indianapolis International Airport. 

"This does not even begin to touch the devastation that's there in South Korea in the meat farms. So for us, just aside from saving these dogs, it's about awareness and that this practice still continues," said Martin. 

The U.S. Humane Society estimates two million dogs are slaughtered in South Korea annually, so the 8,000 saved last year is only a small number. And the three now in Indiana are just a fraction of the total, but they are helping to spread the word about an ancient delicacy becoming less common.  

"There is a lot of people, the general population (in South Korea), who are completely against this practice. So again, it's bringing awareness," said Martin.

These pups were literally given the gift of life and the ability to spread a message - dogs are for companionship, not a main course.

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