Dog taken from backyard, returned mutilated


ANDERSON, Ind. (WTHR) - Police are investigating a case of dog mutilation, but the animal’s owners say there’s something bigger going on here.

The backyard gate at the home off Columbus Avenue in Anderson did not save Charlie, a 12-year-old chocolate lab.

“They tore the board off, they tore the gate open and they forced Charlie through here,” said owner Chase Gale.

Sometime later, whoever took Charlie forced him back into his backyard, but he was not the same dog.

When Gale opened the door, they found the dog in a puddle of blood.

The injuries were so severe the vet recommended euthanasia.

Gale said a necropsy determined someone used hedge clippers to cut off three of the dog’s feet off.

“Terrible,” is what Gale called it. “Just terrible.“

Neighbor David Tierney liked Charlie.

“They cut his paws off and brought them back. I’m just glad I didn’t get hold of them. He was a good dog.”

They’re learning on social media that two other dogs were apparently mutilated in the area.

We found another dog’s body along railroad tracks a couple of blocks from where Charlie was taken. This dog was missing its head and its front legs had also been severed.

Dog owner Brooke Safford lives in the neighborhood.

“She is definitely with me all the time. I don’t let her out by herself,” she says of Navaya, her pit bull terrier.

Like others in the neighborhood, she’s on edge about the mutilations.

“You're not right in the head if you’re doing something like that.”

Down the street, we met Shadow, a black German shepherd whose owner is a retired police K-9 handler.

“I’m very concerned about this dog slaughtering going on,” J. Gegenheimer told us. “Who does something like this? An idiot. Sick person.”

“I don’t know who would do something like this,“ Gale said. He hopes police are able to find the person responsible.

Dog owners told us it’s important to report animal abuse.

If you have information, call Anderson Police.

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