Dog passes away minutes after owner dies of cancer

File photo of a French Bulldog. (Shutterstock/Csanad Kiss)

SCOTLAND (WTHR) — Dogs really are man's best friend.

A French Bulldog pup proved his bond when he died just minutes after his owner.

Stuart Hutchinson, 25, died from cancer on Aug. 11, Today reported. Shortly after, his dog Nero died from an unknown illness.

"(Hutchinson and his wife, Danielle) had three dogs, Nala, Nero and their puppy, Amelia, but Nero was Stuart's favorite," Hutchinson's mother, Fiona Conaghen, told TODAY. "Nero was the one who got the extra walks, I think because he was the friendliest and least bouncy."

Hutchinson was diagnosed in 2011 with brain cancer. Although at one point it was determined he was cancer-free, the cancer returned, Today reported.

Nero was by his side every day.

On the day Hutchinson died, his wife's father ran an errand to the house where Nero was and found the dog ill.

He took him to the vet, but he died minutes later. Vets aren't sure what caused the dog's death.

Hutchinson and Nero were buried together at a local cemetery.