Dog owner warns others about toxic algae after dog dies


BOERNE, Texas (WTHR) — Another dog has died from toxic algae in freshwater lakes and rivers.

Tamra Massey is warning others in hopes of preventing them from experiencing the same heartache.

“I was with her for three and a half years; she was constantly by my side,” Massey told KENS5. “Now, it’s just different. It’s so hard.”

Massey took her Australian Shepherd, Finna, to swim at Guadalupe River near where she lived. The dog had swam in that particular river several times before but this time was different, she told KENS5.

“I knew something was wrong because you know your pets, and you know when something is not right,” Massey said. “I just didn’t think it was this ‘not right.'”

Shortly after getting out of the water, Finna started having seizures. By the time they arrived at the vet 25 minutes later, the dog was dead.

The vet told Massey the dog had ingested blue-green algae.

A doctor at Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine said if a dog ingests the bacteria it can "be dead in a minute or two."

On Tuesday, IDEM issued a state advisory for high levels of blue-green algae in certain Indiana waterways.

Although boating and swimming for people is still allowed, pets should not swim or drink the water in specific areas.