Dog left to freeze to death in Marion

The Marion-Grant County Humane Society says "Lady" was found dead in a cage in the freezing cold. (Photo: Kathleen Carlson via Marion-Grant County Humane Society)
Dog found dead in cold
Dog death investigation
Pregnant dog left to die in cold

MARION, Ind. (WTHR) — In Marion, they're looking for answers to whose behind a shocking case of animal cruelty with cold the suspected killer.

Michael Edwards and his family were driving along River Boulevard near Vine Wednesday evening when they made an ugly find.

"It just continues to baffle my mind. What were they thinking?" he asked.

They were coming along the river past the railroad bridge. He looked over to see if the river was ready for ice fishing. That's when he saw it.

"I seen a box. Large box. Had some snow on it. It looked like it'd been covered up intentionally," Edwards said.

He parked, walked the dozen or so steps into the woods and pulled off the cove.

"I was angry. I was upset. I was disgusted," he said.

Because inside the dog cage, he found an adult female mixed breed dead.

"It looks like somebody that's got some real problems. That they thought this was the answer that they thought there was nothing else available," he said.

Brenda Volmer with the Marion-Grant County Humane Society says "frozen to death in a cage down by the river. So obviously the heart breaks for those animals. There's nothing you can do but it makes you very angry."

On its Facebook page, Marion-Grant County Humane Society, three people are responsible for the horrific act.

Source: Marion-Grant County Humane Society

"If you can do this to an animal who cannot speak for itself, that can't help, then you could do that to anybody," she said.

That's why Michael Edwards says it's critical someone is punished.

"I can't even stress how important it is, because if this person is willing to do that with this dog. Do they have other animals? Are there children involved? They have mental health issues? What is going on?" he said.

In another Facebook post, the humane society offered up a $100 reward for information leading to an arrest, and said people had been identified, but it's up to authorities to arrest them.

On social media, the story is taking off with thousands of comments and shares.

People we talked to find it strange someone would leave a dog caged outside, but with a food bowl and a blanket. The food was uneaten as the dog died in the cold.

"How did you walk away from that cage hearing that dog cry and think that was okay? I don't know who would do that," Volmer said.

If you have information in the case, you can call the Marion-Grant County Humane Society at 765-667-3515.

Marion Animal Care and Control is still investigating the dog's death.