Dog hijacks officer's squad car, eats beef jerky

A dog that jumped into the front seat of a Kilgore, Texas Police Department squad car. (Photo: Kilgore Police Department)

KILGORE, Texas (WTHR) — A police officer and dog were both uninjured during an animal control run gone wrong over the weekend.

The Kilgore Police Department posted about the situation on Facebook. An officer responded to an after hours call of an aggressive pitbull and found the dog running around.

He thought he'd be able to catch it, so he left the back door open, trying to get the dog, Cujo, to jump into the caged area of his squad car. Unfortunately, the officer also left the driver's door open, and that's where Cujo decided to jump in.

The officer tried to get Cujo out, but he was becoming aggressive, so he shut the door to keep both himself and the dog safe. For Cujo, that was a good move, as he smiled and enjoyed the air conditioning and the officer's beef jerky that he left out.

Eventually, a trained animal control officer came to safely remove the dog from the car.

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