Dispatchers field frightening 911 calls from northeast side apartment fire

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - For the first time, Eyewitness News has the frightening 911 calls from a massive apartment building fire Friday on the northeast side.​

​911 Operator: "Fire and ambulance, what's the address of your emergency?"​

Caller: "It's 4551 Jamestown Court!"​

​There was fear and panic.​

​911 Operator: "Are you able to get out safely?"​

​Pangea Prairie Apartments are on fire. ​

​911 Operator: "Ma'am! Ma'am! Are you able to get out safely?"​

Caller: "Yes (inaudible). There's still people on the third floor with babies!"​

​A family became trapped in their third floor apartment. The woman told firefighters she opened her front door and was faced with thick smoke. She couldn't see to get out, so she went to her window. ​

​911 Operator: "We've got the fire department already dispatched. Which apartment do you know people are in?"​

Caller: "Apartment one." ​

911 Operator: "Apartment one?"​

Caller: (Screams) "Oh my God! Oh my God! Get the baby! Get to the baby!"​

​A mother tossed her children, a 7 month old and a 3 year old, out of that third story window into the arms of safety. Others watched in shock. ​

​​911 Operator: "You're calling about the fire?"​

Caller: "Please don't drop the baby. (Screams) Oh my God!"​

​A dozen calls were made to 911 within 5 minutes.​

Caller: "I think y'all are already on the, people are throwing kids out the window right here on 26th and Arlington. It's sparks everywhere."​

​Sparks were engulfing the building on Jamestown Court in fire, causing a partial collapse.​ ​It took firefighters nearly two hours to put out the flames. ​

​911 Operator: "Is the baby OK?"​

Caller: "Yes, the babies are OK. I've got them with me."​

911 Operator: "OK the babies are OK. The people that are in the building, can you still see them?"​

Caller: "Yes, she's coming out the window. She's jumping down the window."​

911 Operator: "How many stories is that that she's jumping out the window?"​

Caller: (Screams) "They got her. They got her."​

​IFD says the woman and her two babies are doing OK. ​​Firefighters believe the fire started in a kitchen but the cause is still under investigation. ​

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