Discipline charges filed against judges involved in Indianapolis shooting

(left) Judge Brad Jacobs, Clark County Circuit Court 2 (file photo courtesy the News & Tribune); and Judge Andrew Adams, Clark County Circuit Court 1 (official photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications has filed disciplinary charges against three judges tied to a shooting at an Indianapolis White Castle in May.

Each judge is charged with violating the Code of Judicial Conduct.

The documents show Judges Andrew Adams, Bradley Jacobs and Sabrina Bell where in Indianapolis on May 1 for a conference.

The three had met up with a magistrate and were going to Indianapolis bars.

They had tried to get into The Red Garter Gentlemen’s Club around 3 a.m., but the club was already closed.

The group went to a White Castle nearby and the magistrate went inside.

While the three judges were outside, someone shouted at the group from a passing SUV.

The documents claim Judge Bell "extended her middle finger to the occupants of the SUV."

The people in that SUV, Brandon Kaiser and Alfredo Vazquez, pulled into the parking lot and the two groups got into an argument.

The documents show Judge Adams and Judge Jacobs started moving towards Vazquez and Kaiser and there was a fight.

It was during that struggle that Kaiser allegedly shot both Judge Adams and Judge Jacobs.

In September, Judge Adams entered a plea of guilty to Battery Resulting in Bodily Injury and had his one year sentence suspended. Judge Jacobs was not criminally charged.

Kaiser and Vazquez are facing a series of battery charges. Both have their trials set for November.