Direct flights from Indianapolis to Florida

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - If you need to escape the harsh Indiana weather, you have several options for nonstop travel from central Indiana to the Florida sunshine.

Delta, Southwest, Allegiant and Frontier all offer nonstop flights from Indianapolis to the Orlando area. Starting in March, Spirit Airlines begins non-stop service from Indy to Orlando.

Southwest, Allegiant and Frontier also offer non-stop flights to airports in or near Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fort Myers and Fort Lauderdale.

Allegiant offers seasonal nonstop service to Jacksonville and Destin.

If your travels take you to Miami, American Airlines offers a daily nonstop flight from Indianapolis to the Miami International Airport.

Drive or Fly

Whenever you travel you have to decide if you are flying or driving. The decision often comes down to cost versus convenience. Here's a quick breakdown to help you decide.

Driving from Indianapolis to Orlando, Florida is about 14 and a half hours one way. If you have to stop for the night and make it a two day drive you're looking at about $412.10 round trip. That's $172.10 for gas and $120 for each night in a hotel on average.

If you fly, you're looking at less than two and a half hours to get from Indy to Orlando. For a family of four, you can get roundtrip tickets for about $1,015. A rental car for the week could cost you another $300 some dollars. Our total came out to $1,330.84 round trip. That doesn't include parking at the airport.

Again, the decision here comes down to cost or convenience.