Diet, exercise... and hugs? Study says hugs should be part of healthy living plan


(NBC News) - Diet, exercise... and hugs?

Three's new research that says hugs need to be added to your healthy living plan.

Carnegie Mellon University research found hugs can "help ease the negative impact of personal setbacks, like a disagreement with a friend or being turned down for a promotion at work."

The studied followed 400 adults. And where the hug came from didn't seem to be important to the result.

"There is something effective in reducing conflict or the negative emotion associated with conflict by having contact with one another," says Cleveland Clinic pyschologist Dr. Scott Bea.

The research includes looking all the way back at birth. It said premature babies who have skin-to-skin contact with mothers have improved breathing, eating, sleeping and regulating body temperature.

"It helps kids that have sensory processing issues, kids that just have a hard time sitting in their seats," says special education teacher Christina Junge.

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