Detectives following leads in Spierer disappearance

Lauren's cousin, Roy Spierer, was among the volunteers Wednesday.

Police returned to a townhouse complex in their search for a missing student Wednesday.

A Bloomington Herald Times photographer captured police and their K-9's on a search of the Five North Complex at 11th and Morton. That's a block from where Lauren Spierer was last seen about 4:30 in the morning June 3rd.

Some of her friends tell police she visited two friends in the building in those early morning hours before leaving on foot to return to her apartment a few blocks away. She was never seen again.

Two persons of interest reportedly live in that townhouse building.

Police won't say why they returned with the dogs Wednesday night or what they were looking for.

Also search organizers wound up large scale community searches for Lauren Wednesday. Volunteers left on the final searches which have already combed areas within a five mile radius of IU. Areas farther out have been searched too.

Lauren's cousin, Roy Spierer, was one of the volunteers Wednesday. He told us: "I know the searches are4 ending today, but keep it going. Keep the word out there...This is going to be with us for awhile, but we hope she's found soon."

Meanwhile, a prayer service for Lauren Spierer is set for Thursday evening. And Lauren's parents will once again speak to the media Friday morning.