Desert Storm war memorial design gains approval

Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf is shown at ease with his tank troops at Operation Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia, January 12, 1991. (AP Photo/Bob Daugherty)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTHR) — A memorial to the service of those who fought in Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield is one step closer to reality.

The National Desert Storm War Memorial Association announced Monday that the memorial's design concept has been approved by the Commission of Fine Arts.

Final design approval is the next step to a permanent memorial in Washington D.C.

The design will be unveiled Thursday, Dec. 5 in Fredericksburg, Texas and offer a comprehensive view of the monument.

The 1991 operations to oppose Iraq's occupation of Kuwait brought together a coalition effort led by United States armed forces.

The memorial's design will "commemorate the historical significance of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm while honoring the service and sacrifice of the United States military personnel who led the effort to liberate Kuwait while defending Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula," according to a media release by the NDSWMA.

The memorial is projected to be completed by 2021 and sit near the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The site was formally dedicated in a ceremony in February 2019.

Private sources will fund the memorial.