Denver rounding up geese, donating meat to families in need

File photo of Canada geese. (Shutterstock/Ioana Rut)

DENVER, Colo. (WTHR) - Denver's plan to control the goose population will benefit families in need.

The city's parks and recreation department unveiled a plan to round up geese, then process their meat to distribute to the needy. The meat would be given to families in the Denver area, but not in the city itself, KUSA-TV reported.

Parks officials say the round-up of about 5,000 geese in Denver will improve the health of lakes and ponds in the city by eliminating roughly 5,000 pounds of goose waste that is created each day.

A former college professor is skeptical of the plan.

“Killing them will not work in the long run,” said retired University of Colorado Boulder professor of biology and ecology Dr. Marc Bekoff.. “We will face this problem next year, as they faced in the past. Because once humans become part of the equation, in many cases they have to always be part of the equation."

But the deputy executive director of the parks department said managing the resident population starting with a smaller number of geese will be manageable.

The round-ups started earlier this month.

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