Denver dad builds awesome "Ninja Warrior" course for daughter

Lylah MacCall climbs on her backyard "American Ninja Warrior" course.

DENVER, Colo. (WTHR) - A Colorado girl is determined to be an American Ninja Warrior one day and her awesome dad is helping her get there.

Lylah MacCall's journey to NBC's hit competition show started last August when her father, Gavin, constructed an obstacle course in the family's living room.

A year later, dad's imagination went a little wild and he transformed the entire backyard into an American Ninja Warrior course. Gavin wrote to Facebook that he amassed most of the supplies for the course by scanning Craigslist for free items.

Last week, he posted a video of young Lylah tackling the course (complete with an audience!)

Next year? Dad has already hit up the internet for help, setting a $500 goal on GoFundMe.