Democrats gain majority on Indianapolis City-County Council


Mayor Greg Ballard will face new challenges in his new term as mayor.

For the first time since Ballard became mayor, it appears he will have to work with a Democratic majority on the City-County Council.

The top four vote-getters are all are Democrats, including John Barth, Pamela Hickman, Zach Adamson, who is the city's fist openly gay council member, and LeRoy Robinson.

That sweep helps to give Democrats a 17-12 majority over Republicans on the council.

Melina Kennedy, the Democratic challenger who lost her bid to unseat Ballard, referred to the Democrats' council victory Tuesday night, telling supporters that the community must join together to solve the "challenges that no single person, no political party can conquer alone. Challenges that take an entire city working together to solve. Challenges that now require us to come together and work together. Friends, it's now time to come together and work together with our newly elected council, our re-elected candidates and make a difference in this city which is what this has all been about."

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