Delphi reflects on shocking crime one year later

Delphi murders, one year later
Delphi community still in mourning
DELPHI, Ind. (WTHR) - Exactly one year ago, a shocking crime in the tiny town of Delphi stunned the entire state.

Teenagers and best friends Abby Williams and Libby German were murdered while walking in the woods.

The killings have shaken some of Delphi’s treasured, small town values. Life is different. People are more cautious and suspicious.

The familiar, and slightly faded wanted posters are part of the downtown landscape. A year later the face of a killer and his horrible crime still haunt the community.

“It still makes me sick to my stomach. It makes my heart heavy that we can’t do any more than what we are doing.” Said Denise Strasser

She owns the Garden Gate Café and Tea Room on the courthouse square.

Did she know a year ago that we would still be talking about this murder. “No way. No way,” she replied.

People who hugged and cried after hearing the news that Abby and Libby were found murdered, are still hurting according to Strasser. “I think that somberness is still there. That fear is still there. It may not be as prevalent as a year ago,” she explained.

In a community where, violent crime is rare, people now lock their doors and cars and no longer walk alone.

“So I hear these things,” she said quietly, “It makes my heart really sad because our community, still a great community, has changed.”

The some of the trust that comes with living in small town has been replaced by suspicion.

“Whenever I see a man, that I have not seen before, I look two or three times to see if he in any way he resembles that sketch of a law enforcement released,” she explained.

Abby Williams and Libby German were abducted while walking the abandoned Monon High Bridge just outside of town. It’s a local landmark everyone knows. Kids and families hiked and played there for decades.

Libby German used her cell phone and photographed the suspected killer, and recorded his voice . Another hiker helped police helped police draw a detailed picture of the man.

One year, 30 thousand leads, a thousand potential suspects later, investigators appear no closer to making an arrest.

Every morning Denise said she checks her smart phone for news of a break in the case.

“I think the majority of our community is completely and utterly confident that it is going to be solved. It may not be today.” She said “It might not be tomorrow, it may be in the future, but we have the utmost confidence it’s going to be solved.”

Unlike other communities that when faced with a tragedy often avoid photographers Delphi welcomes them. Many say the more attention the crime receives, the more likely it is that Abby and Libby’s killer will be found.

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