Defendant in Cottage Ave. shootings found not guilty


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WTHR) - One of two people accused in a November, 2017 triple shooting was found not guilty Wednesday.

A jury acquitted Kalee England of all charges in connection with a shooting incident that left two men dead and wounded a woman.

Brother Marquis Cracraft is scheduled for January 7th trial on identical charges.

"I was inside watching TV with my family and I heard some shots. I looked out the window and didn't think nothing of it," said Joseph Hubbard.

That's because Hubbard says it's not unusual to hear gunfire around the neighborhood.

"There's a lot of violence going on in the city and people's moods just change and the slightest things could tick a person off that could cause some bad violence," said Hubbard who wasn't prepared for what he saw when he came outside later.

"I seen cops everywhere and seen the news everywhere," he said.

According to police, all three shooting victims were at the same house.

One of them was standing outside when the gunfire started.

"They do have two persons in custody at this time (who) they are questioning about the incident," said IMPD Officer Genae Cook.

Police say they also found the gun they believe was used and call the shooting an isolated incident between neighbors.

"We believe they do live close to each other. So they do know each other," Officer Cook added.

After the shooting, all police could say about the female victim was that she was in serious condition and needed surgery.

"Oh man. That's not good at all. My family we'll say some prayers for her tonight," said Hubbard.

"It just tears my heart out," said Hubbard's aunt Barbara Arteaga.

"I mean, I don't even know this woman, but I feel for her and like my nephew said, we'll pray for her," she added.