Decorating after the winter blues


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - If this winter-spring weather still has you feeling the blues, you're not alone. You're probably asking yourself, "When can I finally change my décor to fit the season?"

I met with a local designer to get some design tips to help brighten the mood, which has been an emotional rollercoaster for so many people since Christmas.

"There was so much excitement around the holidays and then January comes and I feel like, 'Ugh! It's just cold and windy'," homeowner Linda Mae said.

And it's felt like winter longer than ever! But there are small things you can do right now to bring in the spring.

"Just rearrange some stuff. Change out some of those hard items," says Marcia Utley, who's an interior designer and owner of Home Couture in Carmel.

She suggests a few tried and true tricks to decorate our home after the winter blues.

1) Take away the dark items.

2) Keep it organic and natural like wood or wicker baskets

3) Add color using accent pieces like pillows or patterned quilts. Bright jewel tones and softer pastels are a hit this year.

"Kind of hang it in the middle of the chair draping the seat and back. It creates texture. It gives it a little bit of a design look. Throw a pillow in front which is super easy and super simple and it completely changes the look of the chair."

"Depending on what you have in the background. If you want to go for height. We can do something like this," as she places a large white vase with bright orange flowers on the left side of the fireplace mantel.

4) Reuse what you have by finding a new purpose or location.

"You can just move some stuff around. You don't have to completely redo your home or get a new storage unit," Utley laughingly says.

She places a wooden stump on the coffee table.

"It's an old wheel. Again another organic item that I re-purpose by taking an antique. Instead of it being a door stop we made it into a flower pot."

So whether you hire an expert or D-I-Y, do it yourself, those four simple steps will not only get your home ready for spring, but give you a sunnier outlook on life.

Mae says, "It's just nice to have a little more color in your house. Just bring on spring!"

To learn more designer tricks of the trade to get your home ready for spring and summer, visit Home Couture at 14511 Clay Terrace Blvd, Suite 100, Carmel, Indiana, IN 46032. Their phone number is (317) 587-7424. You can also find them on Facebook.