Deadpool fan's viral video earns him trip to premiere

James Eversole got a response from "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds after posting a video on Twitter.

RICHMOND, Ind. (WTHR) - A Richmond man got his wisdom teeth pulled and the video has gone viral. More than 825,000 have watched, including "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds. After that, the man got an unexpected response that's turning into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

There are plenty of videos out there of the drug-induced aftermath from a trip to the dentist and the hilarious conversations that come after. One of them was filmed just last week of James Eversole asking his wife if he missed the "Deadpool" movie. He hasn't, of course, because the new one doesn't come out for a few more months, but he was very concerned about it.

"He was already goofy before I even got him to the car," said James' wife, Jessica, who was behind the camera, capturing the moment for him.

When the fog cleared, he posted the video on Twitter and tagged Ryan Reynolds and a few others, but he had no idea what would happen next.

"I got a buzz on my phone and it said, ‘Ryan Reynolds just started following you'," said James. "And I was like, 'Yeah, this is fake. This has to be a fake profile or something like that.'"

But it wasn't.

Deadpool himself came back with a response, one that sounds like a line from the film. It says, in part: "Consider this your official invite to the untitled Deadpool sequel, James. I'll see you and a guest in May."

"We were jumping up and down with the dogs," said James. "It was a pretty funny moment. It was surreal."

"It's his favorite character," said Jessica. "It's his favorite actor. This is so crazy for him."

James has been a Deadpool fan since he was a kid, long before the first movie came out. Most of his man cave is devoted to the character he grew up reading about. Now, he gets to meet the man in person, or at least the man behind the mask.

"A dream come true," said James. "It's just insane. I can't believe he did that. Out of millions of people and everything. I'm just shocked, speechless, that he would do something like that for me is so awesome."

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